Any team is only as good as the people who make up its roster, and our charitable organization is no exception!Our standards are high at SKW, and we chose people, who above all, have a genuine commitment to children with special needs, and the wishes granted by our charity.  Each carefully screened volunteer contributes their own unique blend of abilities, experience, and expertise for the common good. Since our founding in 2000, the end result has been a truly rewarding and effective outdoor wish-granting charity. The end result is a truly rewarding and effective outdoor wish granting charity!

We are fortunate to have a highly qualified Board of Directors to help oversee the management and direction of SKW. Throughout their years of experience in a wide range of fields, they help establish sound operating procedures and policies, while lending great insight and input on major charity issues.  Our Board is committed to the principles of respect, compassion, and equality set forth in our SKW Constitution.  The Board's Code of Ethics serve as laws of conduct for association volunteers and staff in their capacity as board members.  Members of the Board affirm their endorsement of the Code, and acknowledge their commitment to uphold its principles and obligations by accepting and retaining membership on the Board without receiving any source of income from SKW or its affiliate.  

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SKW Principal Officers

SKW Board of Directors

The Team - Meet our People

Joe Davis                                   Alabama

Steve Steinert                            Arizona

Yancy Miller                               Florida

Joe Davis                                  Georgia

Terry Day                                   Illinois

Marlene Lewis                            Indiana

Andy Bishop                               Louisiana

Doug Aven                                 Michigan

Dean O'Brien                             Minnesota

Andy Bishop                              Mississippi

Paul Klar                                    Montana

Nick Crecco                               New York

Steve Tugwell                            North Carolina

Jerry Drake                                Ohio

Tyler Riedesel                            South Dakota

Brian Anderson                          Tennessee

Perry Powell                              Texas (North)

Bob Samson                              Texas (South)

Jamie Abshire                            Utah

Edward McKellar                        Virginia

John Haydock                            Wisconsin

Scott Guenther                           Wyoming 


Helping Out

SKW State Representatives

Brigid O'Donoghue                    Chairman of The Board                       Bio                            

Pete Normington

Jeff Davis

Kevin Rivault

Dean O'Brien

Eric Badofsky                             Bio

Joel Espe                                   Bio

SKW Cabinet members

Brigid O'Donoghue                    CEO

Pete Normington                       President

Dean O'Brien                            Vice President

Annette Johnson                       Treasurer

Ron Johnson                             Secretary